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Friday, May 14, 2004

The last Survivor post, for now: And with the crowning of Mr. "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY" Rupert Boneham as favorite Survivor ever, and winner of a cheap million, Survivor All-Stars is finally over. And let's hope they never do this again. First, the notion of "All-Stars" is slightly flawed, since it's a subjective definition and they couldn't get some of the most memorable players to do this again (not without good reason in some cases, like one Mrs. Elisabeth Filarski-Hasselbeck, who had NOTHING to gain from it). The inherent problem is that these people do become good friends as the "Survivor community" outside of the show, and putting them back in the game does funny things to them which crosses a line morally (not that Survivor cares about that), and frankly, sucks the entertainment value out of it. You've got 13 weeks to create an image, and then you can fame-whore (to use a classic reality message board word) off of that. Which many people are doing. And most of us buy it, just like I'll probably watch the Jeff Probst-ministered wedding of Amber and Rob, brought to you this summer in excruciating detail by CBS. CBS: Because Mark Burnett OWNS you. Check the contract, despite what Probst says. (Note, the previous two sentences are parody. Don't sue me.)

As for the season, eh, meh. Everyone essentially played their stereotypes, and some folks (Kathy) irritated me more, although, then again, let's remember that if Rotu doesn't win three in a row to start, she's in league with Diane Ogden and no one remembers her. She was likeable in comparison to the rest of them on Marquesas, which quite frankly, was a low barrier. Jerri, in her defense, was a much more likeable person on All-Stars, and even though she's going nowhere better than C-list celeb, I consider her redeemed in Survivor terms, despite the MSG crowd (Was that not a wacky reunion show? If only they'd been doing it with Probst for the first four instead of Bryant "Why am I here?" Gumbel for the first three, and Rosie "Insert Your Own Joke Here" O'Donnell for the cringing finale to the annoying fourth season.)

So here we go to Survivor number NINE. I'll be watching.

Later this summer: The definitive listing of my favorite Survivor seasons.


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