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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Daily Posting Regimen, Day 1:

OK, so it's technically Tuesday. It's midnight here on the east coast and I'm still awake from Monday, so this is still day 1. I've got a good excuse anyway, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup, won by the Lightning in a game that was pretty slow for 50 minutes and majorly intense for the last 10. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I'm a Devils fan, but I've always liked Tampa, and was at Game 6 of the Caps-Lightning series in '03 (Martin St. Louis wins the series for Tampa in OT). I hope hockey's around for at least some part of next season, although I'm not so optimistic about that.

Let's toss in a book review for good measure! We'll start at the bottom of the barrel, with Shawna Kenney's I Was a Teenage Dominatrix. This book is a pretty big fluff piece, enticing the reader with the thoughts of it being a risque book, and ends up falling flat on that count. It's also a little boring at times, and stretches towards some swimming metaphor which only appears at the very beginning and the very end of the book. It's a hack job, essentially. The most interesting part for me was its DC location and the fact that Shawna goes to an unnamed DC school during the day. Hating the book, I fear AU, especially when "writing papers for rich Arab students" is mentioned. And I check the bio right now...SOC, 1995! I assume she won't be invited to or ask for an invitations to do any of the bi-monthly readings held by the Literature department on the 6th floor of Butler (which I went to back when I was a student in Writers In Print/In Person, which BTW, AU folks, is a really good class, despite being quite disingenuous in its description -- it's really a creative writing class).


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