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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Day 2, and today, I've got something!:

In today's episode, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee tries to be funny with Republican Survivor. Now, why you're going to use a four year old phenomenon as an election gag, I don't know. And given this load of crap, can't Survivor (in the person of Mark Burnett and CBS) sue for trademark infringement?

Especially since this is really really dumb. First of all, the viewers vote off people? That's not SURVIVOR, MORONS! That's Big Brother 1, Married by America, American Idol (which actually might have been kinda funny, except that, of course, it's all Republicans and no Democrats. In fact, if I just stumbled upon this without reading this, I wouldn't have known this was a DCCC job, I woulda figured, or some lone moron.) And on top of all this, Katherine Harris? Ann Coulter? For the former, are the Dems STILL trying to trade on 2000? 'Cause that won't fly. And do most Americans even know who Coulter is? You mighta had a better shot going Hannity, or O'Reilly.

And third, can the DCCC even do this? It's a CONGRESSIONAL campaign committee. I guess this isn't technically all president-bashing (since Harris and DeLay are involved). And for the record, this is a question. The DCCC may be able to do this; but one thing is for sure...they need new joke writers.


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