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Monday, June 14, 2004

I've had this one in the bank for a while, and it's coming

One of Bill Simmons's running gags is the "Skinemax" joke. Now I, on the other hand, prefer my own similar joke: the careers of the stars of MTV's Undressed, Skinemax without the nudity, burning five years' worth of faded child stars, a couple of rising stars, and a lot of hopefuls who are now living on TV extra spots. Let's go to the tape!

On the plus side of the ledger, you've got Adam Brody, O.C. star and doing quite well for himself. Maybe FOX should mine the "Undressed" alums list for "new talent a little more often.

On the minus side...Jason David Frank. Yes, the original Green Power Ranger (those of y'all in my age group would have known that without me saying it. The rest of you, I'd hope not.). "Undressed" appears to be the end of his career. No offense meant to Mr. Frank, but that's how it goes.

Look at that cast list! Entertain yourself for hours with famous characters like...

Billy Heywood!
Telly Redford!
Zaria Peterson
Greg Goldberg!

Oh yeah, and comments have finally been enabled. Let's see who's reading this thing.


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