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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Two AU annoyances:

I'm not even going to bother posting on the Evan Tucker-Zach Constantino op-ed fight at I thought about it, but that's such par for the course at AU that it's really not worth getting into it.

So here are the two I'll comment on:

1. Went to an art show over at Brookdale Park last weekend. One of the exhibits was framed "tributes" (for lack of better word) to universities. And AU had one. Which sucked. The two chosen pictures were of the library, close in, with the clock essentially being the length of the picture, and a shot of McKinley, straight on from the dome, aiming upwards. Both were taken either in the dead of winter, or in early spring, before AU becomes 6 flowers short of a national arboretum (Campus Beautification Day, for the non-AU folks, usually in early April). So the pictures sucked. Which irked me a little bit.

2. According to this article, AU is canceling the Australia program, i.e. the one I was just on. This really kind of disappoins me, because the program was only in its third year, so while there were bugs (literally and figuratively), those could have been worked out, especially with input from those of us who'd already been on the program (On the evaluation form, I volunteered to do this). Hopefully, this is a temporary cancellation, as they fix some things and maybe find a new educational partner (To be frank, the university AU was sending us to wasn't ideal for AU students). I'm interested in how this develops, and hopefully, they'll be some more information available in the fall about why this was done.


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