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Monday, June 21, 2004

The Viacom Empire of List Shows:

Seriously, what is up with Viacom. Take a look at their networks here and here. CBS, UPN, 3 MTVs, 2 VH1s, CMT, BET, Spike, Comedy Central, and Showtime, to name a few. And what do they have in common? List shows! With the same people? Seriously, why else would you see Dalene Kurtis (Warning: I'm pretty sure the front page of the site is SFW. Past that, no guarantees) on both VH1's Best Week Ever, and CMT's 40 Sexiest Videos. And of course, it just keeps going. Daily Show folk, Queer as Folk...folk, UPN shows that no one watches folk. I mean, they must have some kind of veritable assembly line there.


Floor 2: Mark Burnett: Congrats, Amber and Rob on the whole winning thing, and the whole engagement thing. Now, everyone loves you, so we'll pay you to film your wedding, the Trista and Ryan thing, you know. We'll negotiate later, I need to draft the contract. In the meantime, could you head up to Floor 8, and comment on some CMT videos?

Floor 4: TRL PA: Where the hell is Quddus?

Floor 5: (Set of Queer as Folk) Hal Sparks: It's kind of embarrassing that I'm more known for a VH1 list show than my work on an edgy cable drama...what's that? They need me to talk about Furbies? I'll be right up!

Floor 12: VH1 PA: We need a washed-up celebrity to discuss the Furby! Can we get Carrot Top out of his trailer! We're sorry we made fun of him....Oh, hey Hal. Yeah, Camera 7, the usual.

Floor 14: Jon Stewart: Is EVERY one of my correspondents going to do work for these dumb clip shows. Where the hell is Rob Corddry?

Floor 20: Carrot Top: They'll never find me here, isn't that right?
Gary Coleman: What you talkin' 'bout, Sideshow Bob?


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