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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Virginia Baseball?:

As someone who goes to school in DC, and would like to stay there afterwards, I've been following the Montreal Expos' move situation pretty closely. So, now this comes down: a plan to move the Expos into Loudoun County, out near Dulles, essentially screwing over the Maryland suburbs of DC, and going against the trend of urban revitalization in major league ballparks over the last ten years.

More comments at and Distinguished Senators

Here's my take, and the one thing I thing the other guys are forgetting. The 2002 Northern Virginia transportation tax initiative, which failed horribly (Get some info here, although it links to the website of the grassroots group AGAINST the tax hike, so there's going to be some bias there). I guess that's why the Loudoun plan doesn't incorporate a tax increase on Virginia, although if the two bloggers are to be believed (and given the state of DC traffic, I would), it's going to take some major transportation dollars to bring people to the stadium anyway, which will once again bring together this same coalition to fight the Loudoun plan. So, honestly, while it's a plan, I don't like it, and I don't think it's going to go anywhere.

(Full disclosure: I volunteered with one of the groups fighting the tax initiative in the spring of 2002. So I am a bit biased here, but then again, I know firsthand that this Loudoun thing will be fought.)


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