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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Reality, who knows?:

Big Brother's Big Brother, the worst of the CBS bunch, with PROJECT DNA! Half-brother and sister in the Big Brother house. Honestly, where do they come up with these things? Did this just fall into their lap? Either way, it's cruel, it's sadistic, and it's a gimmick to keep me watching!

Amazing Race 5...Speaking of gimmicks, Alison from BB4 is enough of one, but then, they go ahead, and make one racer a midget! (I'm sorry, that's not PC...although I'm not sure what term is). And yet, the show is good as ever, because you can't possibly ruin the concept. Can't do it.

Watched Crossballs. Wow, that's funny.

CNBC is doing an Apprentice marathon, I assume to publicize that the last chance to apply for Apprentice 2 ENDS THIS WEEK!!!! Since I didn't catch it the first time, I will now.

The mother of all reality shows, Jeopardy, has the great Ken Jennings. He's on an amazing streak...27 days, over $850,000. Start watching Jeopardy if you hadn't yet folks,

And, finally, the long wait is almost over! I Love the 90s! Monday!


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