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Friday, August 27, 2004

Guess who's back, back again:

It's me, back in DC, at AU for...senior year!

Arrived on Thursday just in time for the big Welcome Week Concert: Marc Broussard, Toby Lightman, and Gavin DeGraw. The concert was pretty packed; I'd say over 1000 people at one point, which is surprising for AU.

Then again, maybe I just underestimated two factors. One was that after the freshman floor meeting, RAs would herd their floors towards the concert, a "safe" environment (I did hear this from an RA friend of mine). The other? Gavin DeGraw fanlove. He's a poor man's Dave Matthews, people. And not just musically. He looks goofy, and he has hordes of screaming fans for no discernable reason. And given the 30 minute plus delay between Toby Lightman and him, all the indifferent fans left, leaving me and a bunch of psychofans. And I am NOT comfortable in that type of situation.

Also? There may have been a world record set for camera phones per capita in one place.

On to today. All-American barbeque, also known as food on the quad, always an important theme of Welcome Week. Also, one of the few opportunities to see Ben Ladner!

The rest of the Welcome Week schedule is here, and I'll be doing periodic updates, and may even whip out the digital camera!


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