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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Survivor: Vanuatu wrap-up:

Wrap up of what? Sorry, folks, haven't been Survivor-blogging obsessively this season. Missing Amazon because of class really kinda put the buzz on my addiction, although I'm still obsessed moreso than most (to the point where I almost wrote a thesis paper on Survivor: Africa and decision making). Lisa de Morales is practically glowing over Survivor's loss to Desperate Housewives in The Washington Post, but really, what can Survivor do? They're not having the finale on Thursday and killing a week of CSI. Besides, as we all know, this season sucked. (Yes, so did the last one, but [sarcasm] with a lovable guy like Rupert, why wouldn't you watch Survivor? [end sarcasm]).

Chris's last six weeks were masterful, almost. Had the women simply finished the Pagonging, whole new ballgame. And it took Twila to show him that instead of trying to vote Eliza out, he should maybe COUNT, and knock off the Ami-Leann-Julie trio. The key was that there were a couple of interesting moves in this game, like the old guy alliance in week 1, or the Ami-Mia fight, or the odd way both Yasur and Lopevi dumped folk of the more numerous gender, despite all the pledges to stick to tribe loyalty. It was just the boring weeks after those power shifts had occurred. Ami was a decent villain, who unfortunately (for drama's sake), redeemed herself at the final Tribal Council.

But let's put it this way. You ain't seeing many of these folks on All-Stars 2.


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