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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Doomsday, AU-style, coming February 26th

With Sunday's nominating convention, the AU politico season has begun. It's been dull to date, with some straightforward candidates, and no wacky proposals. It seems most of the partisan element has been taken out of the SC (and no, I will not call it by its "new" name), which is for the better. I suspect something interesting will happen in the next week, though, because this is AU.

Free advice for candidates, although I suspect you've figured this out. Voting, for some unknown reason is a Saturday-Sunday-Monday, February 26th through the 28th. So, you'd think turnout would be low. But, wait! AU's Men Basketball senior day: February 26th versus Navy. So that's going to be, what, 1000 students? Even if you take a conservative estimate, it's about 800. Consider that ONLY 1250 students VOTED in last year's election. If you can convince, say, 100 or 200 people who wouldn't normally vote to vote for you and drag them to the polls right after the game, that's a MAJOR advantage. So there's your free advice.

And a segue to talk about the struggling men's hoops team. Losing 3 in a row is not good. The Holy Cross game was winnable and was lost. The Bucknell-Colgate weekend was just ugly. So now AU realistically has to run the table. I feel confident in predicting a victory at Lafayette, despite the closeness of last month's game. It's the Wednesday game at Lehigh that's worrisome. A close loss in Bender, and they're ahead of AU in the PL standings. But win, and AU's looking at third place. That's your game of the week. And despite Navy playing better, with the mega-atmosphere on the 26th, I feel that's a win. Then it's tourney time. I'll preview that when the time comes.

I should do women's hoops so that they don't feel neglected, and because they have home games on Saturday and Wednesday. The team has struggled along at 10-14 and 5-6 in the league, mostly because of a nasty 7 game losing streak in December and January. They lost to Bucknell in an ugly game on Friday, but Angel Jordan came back with a great performance and they beat Colgate on Sunday. Realistically, AU could go 2-1 on the final stretch, putting them at 7-7, and in contention for a top-4 spot in the league tourney.


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