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Sunday, February 06, 2005


(My last post at, crossposted here)

With less than 40 posts to my credit so far, I'm announcing that I'm giving up the blog. It's only right after my declaration last week that the site was dead. I then went ahead and became a giant hypocrite myself by getting way too close to the SC election gossip, and also managing a candidate myself. I'm still not sure which way the hypocrisy runs, whether it's me encouraging apathy and not being apathetic myself, or that I'm active and should be encouraging activism. Whatever. The lack of feedback (until very recently) has been discouraging, and I don't feel that, as someone graduating in 3 months that I'm very representative of the voice of the campus. I'd rather cheer at a few AU Eagles games, finish my thesis, and graduate. The time for change at AU has passed my by. Since that is the spirit of this site, I must duly bow out, leaving room for another who can better be a lightning rod for action.



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