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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Save Our Sports meeting::

To follow up on the earlier posting on the golf and tennis cuts, I've seen the endgame. Tonight's meeting showcased a lot of anger on the part of student athletes, and some blustering in terms of costs and things that could go (including the Katzen Arts Center, to which I commented: "The Katzens said, 'Here's the money, build it.'"). But getting at a maximum something between 500 and 700 people for something like this is impressive. They say they have 1000 names on a petition, which is even more impressive.

Let me get to some basic facts, for those not there. Polson moderated, and there were speeches by golf and tennis team reps. After this was shown the ABC local news clip on the cuts. Then a speech on the budget process was made by the oft-vilified VP of Campus Life, Gail Hanson (who was there with other campus life folks; the athletic department was traveling on business -- if I had to guess, it's PL basketball tournament business). Then the floor was opened for speeches, which brought up a number of things: fundraising, other scholarship cuts, the timing (it's going to be very difficult for the cut athletes to transfer), and the 15 point plan's "smaller university" initiative.

But it was one parent who hit home. She was furious that she hadn't been informed, and that promises made to her hadn't been fulfilled. She said, "If it is $500,000, I will write a check for $500,000!" And that's how this is going to end. Not through student activism, but through the money, like always. A donor or group of donors will write the check and the teams will be saved, because they would have to be given the awful PR this is getting. It'll be over by the time spring break ends.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go write an email to the SC's address for sending thoughts. I may be jaded, but I still care.


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