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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Since I obviously haven't learned my lesson:

The last time I got an angry email for something I've written was discussing an AU grad and an ESPN connection. And yet, I'm going to do it again. I did promise to keep tabs on it two months ago.

I'm talking about Theresa MacDonald, one of the three finalists for the Sports Guy's intern position, and a graduate of American University. 2004, SOC. And I don't know who she is, which, while not entirely bizarre, is a bit unnerving; I tend to run in a lot of different circles. I'm kind of curious why she hasn't played up the AU connection a bit more, considering she did right an entire contest essay on Judge Judy, AU alum. I'm also puzzled by this paragraph from today's entry.

We had a tradition like this at my college, only instead of "the football field," it was "the library restroom." And instead of going there "to have sex," it was going there "to poop." No lie. Everyone did it.

Not a clue what she's talking about. But anyway, I'm still rooting for her. My own independent research shows she also was the lead singer for a local rock band until last year, another angle not played up in the contest submissions.

OK, maybe I've gotten too into this. Then again, I'm not this guy.

(Theresa, if you'd like to clear up anything that's misrepresented in my post, email me. Unlike this guy, I'm not trolling for your presence.)


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