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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ah, sweeps:

They bring spectacles to the television, like Rob and Amber get married. I told you I'd be watching. And this sucker was a two-hour gorge-fest of epic reality TV proportions. First off, they only had four weeks to plan the wedding, which seemed...contrived. Second, they had to come up with "special surprises" for each other, which led to amusing scenes of construction workers trying to be interior decorators and Trot Nixon doing an extreme close-up into a camera while yelling "BOSTON ROBBBBBIE!" And then there are the little things: Rob's quasi-homosexual bashing, the shots of Beaver, PA (Amber's hometown) as backwoods America (complete with black-smoke-producing industry!), and Colin Cowie, the "celebrity party planner" and his attempts to drive Rob and Amber nuts with all the planning. Yet, the most striking thing of all was the extravagance. That had to be a million dollar wedding, if not more, with the resort in the Bahamas, all the food, BeBe Winans, and other ridiculousness that seemed way over the top. But I liked it because, through it all, Rob and Amber seem like good people who aren't going to be changed too much by quasi-fame.

What I'm watching: Real World-Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II. A rule change from the previous Inferno, in which the OTHER team gets to select who goes in, followed by an individual challenge for the Lifeshield has made this season much more interesting than the first, although having both teams simultaneously attempt to throw challenges got quite amusing by the end of the show. This week's episode featured Julie and Tonya in the Inferno, in a challenge where they had to rip patches off of each other and throw them in a basket. If not for the contrivance that they had to be tied up by bungee cords, this would have been the most vicious challenge in RW/RR challenge history. Instead, it was just violent enough to be incredibly amusing. Tonya wins, Julie goes home, to return, probably next season.

Commercial watch! DC's own Easterns Motors. The jingle is linked at the bottom of the page, listen to it. Here are the lyrics. It's no good without the visuals though. Imagine guys like LaVar Arrington, Clinton Portis, Kevin Jones, and Carmelo Anthony lip-syncing to the song while bouncing in and around Escalades. There's comedy, there's unintentional comedy, and then there's the Easterns Motors ads.

Time, time, Tony!....I mean Josh. See you Friday.


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