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Monday, May 30, 2005

Holiday links:

Memorial Day is one of those holidays that isn't really celebratory, so it's kind of difficult for me to come up with a proper emotion to convey here. So let's just remember the sacrifices made over the years.

And now, on to the irrelevancy.

Movie reviews:

Kicking and Screaming -- decent for a few laughs. It's standard Will Ferrell shtick, with physical comedy abound, as well as kids playing soccer, and the jokes that go along with that. And then there's Ditka, who steals the entire movie by just doing Ditka things. Final grade: B.

Revenge of the Sith -- Much more compelling than the first two movies, especially since it was just a non-stop action fest, without bothering with much of the painful romantic dialogue between Anakin and Padme. Padme, who kicked ass in Episode I is a blubbering wuss in this movie, which sucks. Other points: Mace Windu's death scene is impressive, and the continuity issues between Episodes III and IV are pretty much taken care of. Also, the audience likes the alien characters better than the humans. Chewbacca gets twenty seconds of screen time and you can feel everyone wanting to cheer.

Link dump!:

Modern Drunkard Magazine: The 86 Rules of Boozing. Just an impressive, hilarious list.

Breakfast Club cast to reunite on MTV. It's the yearly Movie Awards stunt, made to confuse the 14-year-olds who have never seen the Breakfast Club. And Yellowcard doing Simple Minds? Ugh. Best line in the article: "Though Emilio Estevez, who played Andrew Clark, isn't confirmed..."; wait, you're telling me Emilio Estevez has something better to do?

I'll be at RFK today for Nats/Braves, watch for the game story write-up on Nationals Review.


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