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Monday, May 16, 2005

Welcome to the new format:

As I wrote last week, this blog's going to be changing a bit. I think I'm going to go to the one post a day format, much like Aaron Gleeman or Paul Katcher. Makes my life easier and makes regular reading of this blog easier. I'm probably going to start on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, hopefully working up to an every morning weekday schedule like Aaron and Paul.

At least, that's the plan. Here goes nothing.

What I'm watching: Survivor:Palau. This season rocked, y'all. Likable people, interesting twists, and a final four with a bang and a redeeming winner. For once, almost everyone in the final six or seven had a clue about playing the game, and even the mistakes were enjoyable. Editing, amusing as usual. Palau now slots in ahead of Africa as the third best season, right behind Outback and Borneo (note to self: Explain the Africa rating at a later date).

Link dump!:

Stick Cricket. An addictive game, if you know cricket. A confusing game, if you don't. Damn leg spinners!

Kilgore to roll out first TV ads. When I took AU's Campaign Management Institute between semesters last January, our group took Tim Kaine as the campaign to make a plan for, so I now know the issues of this Virginia gubernatorial race inside and out. And it's playing almost as we expected, right down to that same buzzword in this ad: "experience". It's driving me insane.


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