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Monday, July 18, 2005

After getting out of the groove last week:

It's time for another reality roundup, because honestly, this site's due. This edition: random, unconnected thoughts.

The Surreal Life: Why is Carey Hart in this house? He's normal. Did the producers really expect to milk a lot out of Jose Canseco? How can Omarosa feel now that's she's not the craziest one in the house? Will she try to out-crazy Janice? And why is Bronson Pinchot such a weirdo?

Hogan Knows Best: She's 16, people. Why did Hulk Hogan's family take on his stage last name? Yet, he's still "Terry as Hulk" in the credits? And a GPS tracking device?

Celebrity Fit Club: Why is Wendy Kaufman back? Gary Busey will make this show. Other than that, it looks like a star lineup from 1988. Jackee Harry? Victoria Jackson? Heck, you can even throw Busey onto that list.

Minding the Store: Sadly, I won't be able to get my dollar, because I didn't not like Minding the Store (Ugh, that's an awful construction right there). The thought of Pauly Shore having sex is kind of repulsive. Pauly's dad is hilarious. So were the Bone Daddy waitresses who kept showing up. This show actually has potential, folks. It is up against the VH1 Celebreality block, but VH1 reruns that stuff 20 times a week, so it's OK.

Link dump on Wednesday, as the regular schedule returns!


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