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Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday link mini-dump:

Pick your caffeinated poison!

I really shouldn't be stealing from the Simmons intern daily links, but this article on the winner of Jimmy Kimmel's laziest man contest is too good to pass up.

And finally, in the nascent days of this blog, back when I was doing extensive analysis of Joe Millionaire's editing*, I often linked to a little site called MadPony, the ramblings of two sisters in Oklahoma. They stopped updating in the summer of '04. And now this news has just come across my desk: MadPony's Kristin has gotten married. The link goes to the Tony Pierce interview confirming the news. Life moves fast, people.

*Seriously, check the archives. On the other hand, please don't. 90% of that stuff is crap. Seriously. And I'm going to disavow the political stuff right here -- most of it is in-the-moment, incredibly uninformed views. This is a pop culture blog, now, damnit. All fluff, baby!


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