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Monday, August 08, 2005

Going Through the Motions:

I'm not the biggest Buffy fan in the world having only picked it up in Season 4, but I watch it intermittently (usually only as a function of having other things to do on Tuesday nights, when it aired). This applies to the syndication run on FX, as well. If I'm around, and it's on, I'll watch, at least for a little bit.

But there's one episode I'd never caught, and had always wanted to catch, even going so far as to download the soundtrack.

Yep, soundtrack. The episode, of course, is the musical, "Once More, With Feeling". Original airdate: November 6, 2001. And I still had not seen it.

Until today.

Late last week, FX showed an episode that I watched a part of with the Buffybot, which I remembered as a Season 6 staple. After flipping Buffy on today during another Season 6 episode, I decided to see if I could find when "OMWF" was airing. And it was in half an hour. So I watched.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is quality television, and why Buffy's cult fans are so hardcore. The use of song as a device for character to make confessions, the humor found so much in the first three seasons, it's all there.

And now I'm happy. And since I've only had the songs stuck in my head for the past month, now they'll be in there for another month.


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