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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Ladner Aggregator:

Because someone's gotta do it.

$500,000 in Ladner Spending Itemized. WaPo reports on the investigation, with lots and lots of details on where the money was going.

Investigation of AU President Worries Student Leaders. SC folks pontificate to seem self-important; actual alumni and parent comments much more interesting.

American University Chief is Investigated Over Spending. The NY Times picks up on the Ladner story

AU's Ladner Defends His Spending. Deny, deny, deny.

Suspended College President Offers to Accept Lesser Pact. And, then, an olive branch. I think he thinks he's going down and is trying to save himself.

American U. Board Split on Keeping Ladner. Interesting thoughts on the trustee divisions, and more Ladner denials and explanations.

Honestly, I don't get Ladner's thinking. Is he that attached to AU? He's never seemed like it. Negotiate a buyout, resign, lay low with your extensive cash, rehabilitate through the media, and come back somewhere else. He's got the influence to.


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