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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ladner update, September 27:

So the AU faculty schools all gave Ladner a no confidence vote on Monday, with the exception of SPA, which couldn't based on a technicality. Heh. Ladner's reax: "I'm sorry it was done without having access to complete information." Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a pathetic quote. The law school resolution reeks of Jamin Raskin.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the article, self-important quote machine Joe Vidulich tries to stay relevant. (Here's my benefit of the doubt/ass covering moment: Joe, if you're reading this, I'm sure you're trying to stay involved, but you really are coming off like a pompous ass.) I understand there should be student involvement in these decisions, but the fact is that there isn't, and there never has been, and talking to the media like there is isn't going to do anything. If the SG does something (private lobbying of trustees?), then talk about it, but don't ask "disappointed" just to sound like you're doing something.

For another blog take, see Professor Middents. (I'm going to try to do this pretty constantly until this story comes to a close. There's certainly enough AU bloggers out there.)

Meanwhile, in the Metro Section, Mark Fisher savages Ladner with his own words, the best way to do it. It's such a perfect slam, that I have nothing to add. Except this: As an extra plus, Fisher actually talks to non-SG students! Mind you, he quotes freshmen, which isn't best for perspective, but at least brings some of it.

And while there is no need to "grassroot it, bitches", there is an online petition for alumni to sign if you want to call for the resignation of Ben Ladner. Despite my usual cynicism on activism from the student/alumni constituencies of AU, I signed as #217. I invite you to join me.


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