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Thursday, September 08, 2005

What I'm watching; Fall Premieres, part one:

Prison Break: It's decent escapism, even if the plot makes no sense, and the conspiracy is overwrought, and Veronica's a dummy, and the breaking out plan is overly complex to the point where both the plan and the obstacles all appear to be contrivances. But it's fun and it's a prison/conspiracy show. Plus, as the TwoPpers say, Wentworth Miller brings the pretty, while staring into the middle distance. I'll say that as a straight guy. Keeper for now, based on an interest as to where this is going, and Miller.

Reunion: The premise of using twenty episodes, one per year to the present day seems interesting. But there's no time for an exposition, so there's no caring about the characters. And the writing sucks. And the acting sucks. And it's got Chyler Leigh, FOX show-killer extraordinaire ("That 80's Show", "girls club"). But, again, there's enough strength in the premise to keep me on for a couple more episodes. It's what I'll be watching after "Survivor"; it's not like it needs to have high standards for me on that night.


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