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Monday, October 03, 2005

Ladner catch-up:

I mocked the student protest, but according to Friday's Post, it had an impact on the pushing towards Ladner's dismissal. It looks like he's going to get the axe on October 10, if he doesn't resign before then. Which he won't. Because he's stubborn. I think the main point to get across here is that this wouldn't be such a big deal if the university community trusted him in the first place. But because he's so aloof, and because his salary's always been a target, they don't. Hence the twists and turns of the past month.

I'm taking a break (yes, laugh, now) for the Jewish High Holidays. More fleshed out thoughts on Thursday or Friday, and at some point, a return to the regular frivolity of this blog. In the meantime, required reading:

Ladner's interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Trustee Paul Wolff's Live Online Chat with the Washington Post.


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